Forex Trading Books and Natural Remedies Books

Here’s a list and description of the books that I’ve written.  Amazon links are at the bottom.

Infographical Forex is a complete foreign exchange trading course compiled into one book made entirely of infographics.  Isn’t that cool?  You can go from complete beginner to a professional trader with just this one book.  It is also one of the course books for my online video course on forex trading.

Infographical Forex Book

Infographical Remedy includes remedies on 150 various conditions.  It also includes what a doctor would most likely prescribe so you can compare the remedies with the “mainstream” treatment.

Infographical Remedy Book

Forex Survival Manual is on the psychology of trading the forex market.  It is also used in the Trading Course.  It is a fun way the reader can learn how important psychology is in trading and how to be one with the market.

Forex Survival Manual Book

Joint Pain covers remedies and traditional treatments for the most common condition known to adults.

Joint Pain Book

Here are the Amazon links for them (if you are outside the US, search for the titles on Amazon in your country–they should be there):

Infographical Forex

Infographical Remedy

Forex Survival Manual

Joint Pain